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How do I take part in the Fluke Under Pressure promotion?
It's simple! To take part in our Fluke Under Pressure promotion, and qualify for a FREE Pressure Module, you will need to:
  1. Purchase qualifying Fluke products from the list here, from authorised and participating distributors within the promotional period October 4, 2021 - December 31, 2021.
  2. Visit the promotional website within 30 days of your purchase and complete the online claim form, with the following:
    1. Complete your personal details including full name, email address, cell phone, and delivery address, along with selecting your place of purchase.
    2. Upload an image of your itemised till receipt/invoice showing purchase of qualifying Fluke products. The receipt / invoice must also clearly show the retailer's name, receipt number and date of purchase. Only single transaction receipt / invoices will be accepted.
    3. Select your choice of FREE Pressure Module, depending on your Fluke transaction amount, from the following list here.
    4. Once the claim has been processed and verified your preferred Pressure Model will be dispatched to the delivery address entered within 8 weeks.
    5. Please ensure you submit your claim no later than January 31, 2022, and within 30 days of the date of purchase.
    6. You may claim up to 3 times, using a separate invoice/receipt with each claim.
Where can I buy from?
You must purchase from an authorised distributor, you can find your nearest seller here;
Do I need to keep my receipt?
Yes, you will need your receipt in order to claim your free merchandise gift. Please keep your original itemised till receipt until you have received your merchandise gift as it may be required for further verification.
I have purchased my Fluke products from several distributors, can I still claim?

This promotion is limited to 3 claims, on 3 separate transactions.

Customers are eligible to claim multiple pressure modules for a single purchase depending on the number of qualifying products and qualifying product bundles they purchase.

Which products are included in the promotion?
The offer is available on genuine Fluke (Fluke Networks, Fluke Calibration), Amprobe, Pomona, and PLS branded products purchased from authorised distributors only.
How will I know if my claim is valid?
After submitting your details on the promotion website, you will receive an email confirming whether your application was valid or invalid within 14 days.
My receipt / invoice has been rejected, what should I do?
Sorry to hear your receipt / invoice has been rejected. Please check the email you received for further instructions on how to rectify your claim.

Below is a list of possible reasons your claim may be rejected, but please email for more information.
  1. Duplicate claim: Receipts / invoices may only be used to claim once, regardless of the value of Fluke products purchased. Please ensure that your receipt / invoice has not already been used in a valid claim by someone else before attempting to resubmit your claim.
  2. Incorrect date: Receipts / invoices are only valid if they are dated between October 4, 2021 through to December 31, 2021. Unfortunately, you will be ineligible if you purchased your Fluke products outside of these dates. Additionally, you must claim within 30 days of purchase.
  3. Incorrect products: The receipt / invoice image provided doesn't show a purchase of qualifying Fluke products from authorized and participating distributor. Please revisit this website to resubmit your claim, ensuring the image clearly shows the purchase a qualifying Fluke product, the name of the retailer and the date purchased.
  4. Incomplete receipt / invoice: Unfortunately, some details were missing or unreadable on the image you provided. Please check the image you provided and ensure that the entire receipt is legible from top to bottom, including all four corners. For longer receipts, scan or take pictures in sections and select them all when uploading. Please make sure that the retailer name, date of purchase, receipt / invoice number and product are legible in your image(s).
Is my personal data safe and secure?
Fluke and our partners take great care of your personal data. Your data will not be sold to third parties. This secure website, and the information you enter is supported by our approved data processing partner Promotions Interactive, who may need to contact you regarding your claim, to learn more, please visit The Fluke dropshipping team will dispatch items for successful claims.
Where can I read the full Terms & Conditions of the offer?
For full terms and conditions of the promotion please visit
My free Fluke gear has not not arrived yet, what should I do?
Please allow up to 8 weeks from your claim approval date, for your FREE Pressure Module to arrive.

If it has still not arrived by this time please check your email for any messages from us, or please email for assistance.